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At Canterbury Travel we believe that whether you purchase a 1-day trip to Lapland, or a longer duration, it’s important to enjoy the best standard of service and tour content available. Therefore, our Santa breaks are fully inclusive holidays with an action packed programme of activities and no matter which tour you choose, an individual meeting with Santa is assured.

Enchanting Lapland Day Trip Activities

Your fun starts on arrival in Lapland with a transfer from the airport by snowmobile and sleigh (weather permitting) across the snowy tundra to the activity location in a small hamlet set beside a frozen lake. As you will be in Lapland for just a limited time, some of the day tour activities are shorter in duration than those associated with our 2, 3 and 4 night tours. Yet that doesn’t mean that you compromise on the fun! After the thrilling transfer from the airport, you can experience unlimited husky and reindeer sleigh rides, visit the snow igloo, shimmy your way down the tobogganing slope, drive a snowmobile and have a very special private meeting with Santa in his secret hideaway.


Santa Tour Activities – 3 and 4 night stays (for 2 night stay go to Christmas Sparkle Tour activities)

The following activities are included in the tour cost:



Travel Tails – Meet the Huskies

The highlight of any holiday to Lapland (aside from meeting Santa of course) is a thrilling husky safari through the wilderness. On Canterbury Travel’s 2, 3 and 4 night tours, your holiday activities include an exciting 90 minute’ husky experience. This takes place not far from Luosto and Pyha as you look for Santa’s home. At the husky farm you will meet some of these fabulous hounds and learn about their lives as reliable working dogs. During the husky adventure adults have the opportunity to learn the art of husky mushing or may experience a thrilling sleigh ride as a passenger with a child sitting in the sleigh with them. As soon as the huskies hear your command, prepare to be enthralled as these amazing dogs power their way through the Lappish countryside, in search of the Santa.



90 Minute Reindeer Experience

There’s only one type of creature that Santa relies on to help him deliver presents across the world on Christmas Eve each year – the strong, reliable and energy efficient reindeer. These robust animals actually outnumber the human beings in Lapland and they can easily endure the sub-arctic temperatures. Reindeer eat lichen and these plant materials help to keep their blood warm.
Your 90 min reindeer adventure takes in a beautiful sleigh ride through the forest. At the reindeer farm, you will hear engaging stories about these magnificent creatures from the herdsmen while enjoying a cup of hot berry juice beside a log fire. There may even be time to feed some of the reindeer, their favourite foods include grass, moss, birch tree leaves and mushrooms.



Snowmobile and Sleigh Ride

On 2, 3 and 4-night tours enjoy an exciting 1.5km snowmobile and sleigh ride through the snowy tundra of the Arctic, will you discover Santa’s secret hideaway at the end of this exciting journey?



Journey to the Magical Post Office

See where the hardworking Elves sort the letters from all over the world. Will the Elves provide you with any clues as to where Santa may be? While in Lapland you will have the opportunity to send postcards to your loved ones.



Meet the Elves at Home

Visit the Elf House and see where Wendy Wood creates many of the traditional toys that Santa will be delivering in time for Christmas Day. You’ll also see where some of Elves rest their weary heads after working hard all day long for Santa.



Snow Games and Tobogganing

Santa’s Elves are looking forward to playing snow games with you all – young and old. Which one of you will be the first to make a snow angel? There’ll be time to enjoy some tobogganing during your stay too.

Arctic Adventure Tour Activities

The following activities are included in the tour cost:



Amethyst Mine Tour – 120 mins

Take the Pendolino to the top of Lampivaara Peak, to visit Europe’s only surviving Amethyst Mine, Non-drivers and children will travel in sleighs, behind the safari guides. Enjoy the magnificent views from the top of the fell (weather permitting) before embarking on a tour of the mine. The tour will include a special talk with fascinating facts about the history and geology of the Amethyst Mine. There is also the opportunity to mine for stones and should you find an amethyst – you can keep it -so long as it fits within the palm of your closed hand!



Guided Snow Shoe Hike – 90 mins

Before embarking on your exhilarating snow shoe hike, your guide will begin with some tips on how to manoeuvre on these odd shaped shoes. Then it’s time to discover more of the Lappish countryside, feeling the soft snow beneath your feet as you walk and enjoy the tranquillity of this beautiful region. During the hike, stop for sausages and a hot beverage before returning to Luosto.



Snowmobile Safari – 3-4 hrs

Experience a 3-4 hours safari around Luosto area. Prior to the safari you will receive instruction on the operation and safety of the vehicles, before heading out for a leisurely paced drive. Snowmobiles are suitable for 1 driver and 1 passenger and half-way through the safari you can swap roles with your partner. Older children may be permitted to ride as a passenger (subject to height restrictions, which will be advised locally by your guide). For those who are unable to drive a snowmobile, you can experience the safari as a passenger in a snowmobile drawn sleigh, behind one of the guides.



Reindeer Sleigh Ride – 2km

Enjoy a leisurely, yet romantic, reindeer sleigh ride through the forest, surrounded by trees laden with crisp snow. As the sleigh glides over prepared tracks, you’ll truly appreciate the serenity of Lapland.



Husky Safari – 4km

What can be more iconic of Lapland than a traditional husky sleigh ride? Learn the art of husky mushing and drive a team of huskies through the forest, while your passenger experiences the thrill of the safari from the sleigh.



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